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Creative design

Photoshop, Illustrator, design tools...

Master photoshop & illustrator skills. Using Photoshop for photo editing, graphic design, digital imaging... and Illustrator for vector graphics incincluding symbols, objects and other.

Coding & optimizing, Html, html 5, java...

Using large scale of coding. Html, html 5, java, javascript, a bit of php and others. Always looking for new technologies and interesting ways to present anything on the web and optimise them to be found enywhere like search engines, open directories and other places.

Search engine optimization

Master search engine optimization skills for websites. In addition to good design, web site needs to be seen on google, yahoo, bing & other popular search engines in the best ranking positions.

Video recording & editing (After Effects)

I record most of the videos in hand, mostly inspired by the TV series: the Office and Parks and recreations and always trying to make simple and effective video material. I made a variety of peple portfolios, company intros, variable music spots, documentaries...


    Your site’s primary navigation takes up too much space. You want to make it narrower, and you’ve located a line of CSS that, when applied to your theme, should help you achieve that.

    Just add your CSS, click “Update Custom CSS,” and your changes will be live.

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    It seems qTranslate-X is the phoenix rising from the ashes of qTranslate — a fork of the original — and it’s already proving incredibly popular. In fact, so many new features and functionalities have been added, that the original qTranslate is barely recognizable.

    So many new features and functionalities...

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  • O&O Free antispy tool for Windows 10

    Various range of tweaks for Windows 10. Disable telemetry, localization detection, Cortana, app access to your information and data collection features in Windows 10 to protect your privacy.

    Disable telemetry, localization and tracking options & control all security settings in Windows 10.

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Design Lounge

Web design, Graphic design, Programing, Video recording and editing...